Building a mekanism power storage block

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General information[edit]

The mekanism induction matrixis a multiblock structure allowing for massive storage of energy, large / high tech versions are needed for storing the power generated by a reactor. The true storage components are the induction cells. The item providing power to the io ports is a inudction provider.

the outside casing (casing and i/o ports) designs the physical SIZE of the matrix and the location of the io ports.

the inside (cells) can be placed anywhere in the inside of the casing, though at least one provider and one cell is required, location/placement and amount of cells are free to be chosen. It is allowed to have empty blocks within the structure inside.

Comparisation chart[edit]

example machine: Chemical Oxidizer (50 joules per tick, 5kjoule/t with 8/8 speed upgrades (but no energy upgrades)

Cell Size default Chemical Oxidizer 8/8 speed Chemical Oxidizer
basic 1Gj 16 Minutes 10 seconds
Advanced 8Gj 2 Hours 80 seconds
Elite 64Gj 17 Hours 10 minutes
Ultimate 512Gj 6 Days 1.5 Hour

Induction Providers[edit]

Using multiple Induction Providers in the same Induction Matrix will add extra output capacity, by adding their values together. The total output value is for the entire multi-block structure, and not on a "per port" basis.

Induction Cells[edit]

Induction cells are the cells that will contian the energy (and keep this energy when you break down the multiblock structure). you need at least 1 of these in the matrix


The base ingredient for both providers and cells is lithium dust. Lithium is obtained by creating brine and taking brine through a 2nd solar evaporation tower. Dust is obtained by a chemical crystallizer.

Higher tier cells and providers[edit]

The autocrafting of energy tablets , energy cells and providers/cells will be needed as about 640 energy tablets are required for 1 ultimate cell, and these do not stack.