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To get started in mekanism the following is needed:

  • Your basic furnace and craftingtable
  • 16-20 iron ingots
  • 10 osmium
  • 64 (char)coal

Only melt what you need when you need: you can soon double the ore output and the ores are likely hard to get still for you.

A first energy source[edit]

First you will need a simple power source (the heat generator [1])
Heat generator recipe.png
If you wish to save coal resources, but have a bucket to spare, you could place a block of lava on one or more sides of the generator. This will generate a small amount of energy,but it will never consume the source:lava.
Feeding this machine burnble resources (like charcoal) will more repidly generate energy.

metallurgic infuser[edit]

The first machine will be the metallurgic infuser [2]
Metalluric infuser recipe.png
For now you can only connect this directly to the power out side of the generator.

The metalluric infuser is used to combine redstone/(char)coal/diamond with specific ingots.

  • coal+iron = Enriched iron, this enriched iron again with coal = steel dust.
  • redstone+iron = enriched alloy, used for most machines (first tier) in mekanism
  • redstone+osmium = basic control circuit

Metalluric infuser interface.png

insert the redstone at (1): limit the amount to the number of items you actually want to create put the iron at (2) output comes at (3) (4) can later be used for batteries

enrichment chamber[edit]

The next machine will be an enrichment chamber [3] , this will also double your ingot production from each ore. Use the metallurig infuser to make 4 steel for this.


You will also need 1 or 2 steel for cables [4]. You will need at least one set of these.

When you have made this machine and the cable, use a wrench to dismantle the current machines so you can make a new setup using the cables to connect.

Wind turbine (optional)[edit]

When you find 6 gold ingots (3 by doubling 2 ore) you can create a Wind Turbine [5] that will power your base for a while! - Without burning fuel!

The energized smelter[edit]

Time to replace that co2 generating , coal consuming furnace! You will now make an Energized Smelter [6]. This will basically act like a furnace but works on energy, which is very efficient especially if you did make the wind turbine!


You are now basically set-up for middle-tier machines, though this will require more and more resources (redstone, gold, iron) This is a nice moment to understand some basics about Solid matter, Fluids and gasses, conversion, storage in mekanism and continue to ore tripling in the Middle tier guide to mekanism