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This part will start just after covering the basics ( setting up a blast furnace and a worktable, creating your first HSLA steel ingots )

For the getting started basics, please visit this site: [1]

Read up about Blast Furnace, Worktable, Rotarycraft power transmisison, rotarycraft screwdriver, Angular Transducer

Our focus will primarily be on industrial coils and lubricant since lubricant is needed for gearboxes.

To swap asap to coils, make 1 DC Electric Engine to power a fermenter. we will use this to create yeast, and then sludge, which we can put in a furnace to become ethanol (crystals). When we have ethanol crystals, we can make a gasoline engine and an industrial coil. The gasoline engine is powerfull enough to either run a grinder or to charge an industrial coil.

The fermenter will need a source of water pipes in using liquid pipes. Use an aqueous accumulator or the extra utilities "transfer node: liquids" with transfer pipes and a world interaction upgrade; these water collectors do not require a power source. The temperature of the machine needs to be around 20 - 30 degrees; this is depending on the biome (base heat), time of day and offcourse the height at which the item is placed. The best results will be around ground height, going a bit lower/underground for lower temperatures; and again up nearing bedrock, the temperature will rise to 60 degrees.

This machine has 2 settings; configurable by redstone signal on and off:

No redstone signal = create yeast (get some dirt and sugar)

With redstone signal: create sludge (yeast and leaves (6 sludge) or saplings (2-4 sludge))

When you have some stacks of ethanol crystals, make 1 gasoline engine and 1 or more industrial coils ( 720 MJ type )

Use the output of the gasoline engine as input for the industrial coil, and charge this coil a while.

WARNING: do not ever overcharge an industrial coil, as it will violently explode!, make sure you monitor the coil at all times, or provide safety by not providing the fuel in the gasoline engine to completely charge a coil. (8 ethanol crystals will charge for 7 minutes to a total of 32.264 MJ; Theoretically this makes it safe to put in anything less than 180 ethanol crystals into the engine when charging a completely empty coil, stick to 2 stacks for ease)

Industrial Coils: charging for more information about safe and automated charging.

To get your first lubricant, you would need canola seeds to extract lubricant from and a grinder. To power this grinder, you need to generate 128 Nm of torque, which is no problem as we have allready made a coil, but because of the costs of keeping this running , for now we will power it using dc electric engines as these do not require any consumables or water. Create 4 dc electric engines, 3 shaft junctions and 3-4 shafts and setup a system that combines the output of these 4 engines to 1 shaft. connect the grinder to it.

The rest is more advanced, and you will need to lookup all machines and how to connect for each step, but the idea is: For stronger coils, you will need bedrock dust. To get bedrock dust, you need a bedrock breaker which in turn needs a gas turbine or a combination the output of 2 microturbines. This power still needs to be converted to match 8 KNm! Also have a bevel at hand to be able top point the bedrock breaker downwards.

Both will require jet fuel, microturbine is safer but more work to combine than 1 gas turbine. For making a gas turbine you would need tungsten, which is obtained by processing ores in an extractor, which in turn needs quite some power to run. To match the power requirements for each step, you will need to make a CVT with multiple belts so you can switch between torque and speed for the different steps int he process. (automate this using a projectred integration timer instead of a manual lever)

The tungsten then needs to be smelted in a superheated furnace using a friction heater. (1350 degrees!). TO reach this heat, you will need to combine the output of 2 normal coils using a shaft junction.

To use the turbine, you need Jet fuel; To generate jet fuel, a lot of materials are needed, but the power source can be handled by the coil we made. ( using a diamond 8:1 gearbox in speed mode, lubricated, we can output 8 Nm by 1024Rad resulting in 8192 Rad ) Or The gasoline engine could power this system as well; it has 128Nm and 512 Rad/sec. using 2 gearboxes (8:1 and 16:1) we can speed up 128 times, resulting in 65536 rad/sec and 1 Nm. The speed formula for this machine would result in 800 - 40 × log₂ (65537) = 160 ticks or 8 seconds per operation.